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Great Things To Do With Your Travel From Chennai To Vellore In This 2022


Great Things To Do With Your Travel From Chennai To Vellore In This 2022

Short trips can be the best for your stressed minds and busy working schedules. In fact, they are amazing times as you take a break from your regular tiring activities. However, a perfect trip plan needs several considerations. Else the plan may lead to indecisiveness and tension.

If you love to travel and have a plan of visiting from Chennai to Vellore , we will help you to make it the best possible. Whether it is a family vacation or a visit with friends, the below tips will take you to the right route.

Tips to know before you plan the visit

1.        If you are planning the trip with a group, then it is good to serve one of the members to serve as a leader. This is because; the specific person can cater to the needs of the team and ensure the plan is progressing rightly.

2.      One of the important considerations in making a group visit is sticking to a budget. Since every person has their own ideas on spending, determining the appropriate budget really matters.

3.      After all agreed on a budget, it is good to go ahead.

4.      Next is the planning of traveling mode. The prices of transportation may have its significant part in the budget. However, if you like the group travel to be convenient and comfortable, hiring a Chennai to Vellore taxi can be the right choice.

5.      Choosing where you are going to stay is the next important step in the travel plan. It is certainly a big decision as it can impact your traveling experiences.

6.      It is good to stay in hotels or guest houses that let you hang out together easily.

7.      Prepare a list of places to visit. Ensure you have a very well-organized plan and let everyone have the information on it.

8.      Decide about the things that you can do at the destination place. Based on that, consider pre-planning the activities.

9.      If you are going to avail the services of a tour operator, look for any discounts offered. With some tour packages, you may have to book in advance. If so, do it to avoid last minute worries.

10.    Although you are going to travel in a group, still consider the preferences of everyone in visiting the places.

Recommended attractions in Vellore

Once you have organized the plan and are ready for the trip, then come visit the top places in the destination. Here we have listed the best places to visit in Vellore.

     Vellore Fort

This is a popular 16th century fort that has been made up of granite. This is situated at around 1.5 Kms from Vellore Town Railway Station. Being located in the heart of Vellore city, this fort is one of the famous heritage sites to visit for those who reside near Chennai. Of course, it is also one of the must to see places in Vellore holiday packages.

     Jalakandeswarar Temple

This is the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located inside the Vellore Fort. This Jalakandeswarar temple is located at a lesser height than the temple moat. As per the history, the temple construction had begun in the year 1274 CE. It has continued for almost 50 years.

     Srilakshmi Golden Temple

Situated in Sripuram, this temple is also called in the name of Lakshmi Narayani temple. This temple is very significant since the entire structure has the coating in gold leaf. It is considered as a modern architectural marvel.


Yelagiri is a must visit small hill station in Vellore city. It is situated at approximately an altitude of 1,410 meters above sea level. There are various lakes and waterfalls in Yelagiri that are sure to attract tourists.

Plan for a visit to Vellore by call taxi in Vellore and make yourself relaxed with its natural surroundings.