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How To Plan For An Effective Trip From Vellore To Tirupati?


How To Plan For An Effective Trip From Vellore To Tirupati?

Our country is filled with numerous cultures. And we have the best worship places to visit. People from all around the world come to India to see such places. They loved visiting India and making trips to temples to have spiritual enlightenment.

One such place which is one of the most visited pilgrim centres in India is Tirupati. If you stay around Vellore, then it is of utmost importance for you to have a plan to visit this place and get the blessing of the Almighty.

However, how can you create an efficient plan from Vellore to Tirupati? Wondering what are the places to visit besides temples? Thinking about how to travel? Here you are covered.

Places that should be in your visiting plan in Tirupati

The Tirupati town is in Andhra Pradesh and the place is well-known for its temples. The most popular temple to visit is Sri Venkateswara Temple. This is located on Tirumala Hills, which is one of the seven peaks. This is quite famous all over the world. However, still there are more places for you to visit apart from getting the blessing of Sri Venkateswara.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Garden

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has a remarkable garden that is spread over an area of 460 acres. This area is nearer to the main building of the temple. There are more than 200 varieties of flowers with different colours and shapes. You can see them blooming across the garden and the scenery is very good to see. The garden has many ponds and tanks. These serve as sources of water for the temple as well as locals.

Talakona Waterfalls

Talakona Waterfall is the highest falls at a height of 270 feet in Andhra Pradesh. It is located 30km into the forest. You may have to trek for nearly two kilometers to reach the waterfalls. Rainy season will be perfect to visit this place.


If you are a spiritual seeker or an enthusiast for architecture, then you shouldn’t miss out visiting Chittoor, when you visit Tirupati. Whether the cascading waterfalls or the beauty of hill stations or the natural beauty, what do you want? Everything is available here for the visitors.  This place is popularly called the ‘Mango City’. It has numerous varieties of delicious as well as aromatic mangoes. If you are a foodie and exploring authentic Andhra cuisine, then it is the best pick for travelers to visit Chittoor.

Make your visits have the extra comfort with cab services

The number of people hiring cabs for their tours and trips is increasing. Since pandemic is still in prevalence, it comes to a question of safety in traveling through public transport. Here comes the safe and comfortable mode of transportation – Cab services in Vellore.

For those people who don’t have their vehicle, but are hesitating to travel in public modes, hiring a call taxi is a right option for their tours. When you like to be more comfortable during your trip to Tirupati, booking a cab is the ideal option.

The cab services in Vellore that you hire will reach your doorstep once you have done the booking.  You can easily book a cab that you need for reaching your destination without having any safety concerns. All the cabs will be sanitized and ensure safety rides for the travelers. Let your spiritual travels be comfortable by hiring cab services.