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Planning A Tour From Yerkad To Vellore – Your Best Guide


Planning A Tour From Yerkad To Vellore – Your Best Guide

Planning your first trip from Yerkad to Vellore? It may be overwhelming. Many struggle where to start the plan and which is the best mode of transport. The most probable question before you plan for the places to explore in the destination is how you are planning the trip. Is it by road or train? By road is your choice, then comes the question whether public transport or cab?

If you like to acquire some sweet memories in addition with convenience, then hiring a cab is the ideal choice.

Let us help you in leading the way in planning the trip by knowing of the essential places to visit in Vellore.

Best tourist places you have to visit in Vellore

Vellore Fort

Established in the 16th century, the fort is surrounded by a deep channel. On visiting this place, we can realize how the ancient people had lived their lives. IN fact, the Government has decided to refine this place at a budget of 33 crores.

Muthu Mandapam

This is the place that is built as a memorial by Sri Lanka’s last ruler of Kandy. It had been built with tombs of his 7 family members.

The Jalakandeswarar Temple

This is the temple for Lord Shiva. It has been situated inside the Vellore fort. The temple has been surrounded by water. And it is built inside a water tank called ‘Agazhi’. That’s why the name of the God is Jalakandeswarar. The temple has a circumference of 8000 feet.

Golden Temple, Sripuram

This temple is situated on a land of 100 acres.  This temple is covered with 1500 kg gold. On visiting the temple and seeing its details of construction, you will certainly fall in love with the place.

The Ratnagiri Temple

This is the temple that is dedicated to Lord Balamurugan. The temple was built in 14-century. Indeed it was basically built as a sand structure. However, it now stands as a quite popular stone temple in Vellore. If you love to worship in a place filled with peace and in a calm atmosphere, then this is a place that you should visit.

Good reasons to make visit to Vellore

        Vellore is a destination that is located on Palar River banks on the location Vellore Fort.

        The place has been filled with many renowned temples. Every year there are a large number of pilgrims and business travelers visiting this place.

Travel recommendations

The distance from Yercaud to Vellore by Road is 257 Kms. The fastest way to reach Vellore from Yerkad is to hire a cab. It is a cost effective way for the travelers. It may take around 3h 13minutes to reach the destination.

You can get some outstanding benefits when you hire a cab for your ride.

        The experienced call taxi services in Vellore will help in taking you to the desired destination with the shortest route as possible as well the most convenient route.

        Also, you can get specious and comfortably rides for reaching your destination

        There is a myth that hiring a cab can be a costly option. But this is not true. There are affordable packages that let you have the travel within your ranges.

        The experienced drivers are also assured a secured journey to you.

By hiring a cab for your ride, you will be able to save a lot of time. In addition, you will have the necessary privacy in visiting the places. Also, you can get some useful ideas from the well-experienced drivers regarding the best possible ways in visiting the intended places.