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Precautions To Travel Safely In Call Taxi In Chennai During The Pandemic Period

 Precautions To Travel Safely In Call Taxi In Chennai During The Pandemic Period

Lockdown has been lifted in many ways. We are almost open to many places. Now you may be busy searching for a ‘taxi near me’ to visit those places you missed during the lockdown period. Though the Government has given some relaxations, you should remember that the coronavirus pandemic is still in prevalence. So, how do you travel safely in your cab rides? Here we have given the best practices for you.

       Open the windows

Typically, Covid virus is found in microscopic droplets that are emitted with the natural respiratory activities of talking and breathing. Recent simulations tell us that such infected airborne elements can get to dangerous levels in a car that is closed. And the worst part is it gets to hazardous levels in just 15 minutes if the car windows are closed. Hence keeping all four windows of a cab is the effective way. This makes sure that your Chennai to Vellore Taxi services has enough ventilation and less risk of transmission.

       Ensure car is sanitized

The Government has given guidelines to cabs to sanitize the car after every ride. The driver should wear gloves and with use of alcohol based wipes, he should have sanitized the most touched surfaces of the cab. Moreover, the cab should have essential sanitization materials such as hand sanitizer in the cab.

       Wear your masks

Road trips get you closer to drivers and passengers (if you have a shared ride). Even before you think of searching for cab service near me, make sure you have your mask handy. Wear your mask throughout the entire trip. If you are using a disposable mask, ensure you change it every 10 hours in the travel. Have enough masks along with you to protect both yourself and others around you.

       Hire a cab rather than unknown travels

Travelling on public transport carries a significant amount of risk for individuals, though the risk is not clear exactly how. Despite the fact that well ventilated transports have less risk, still it is difficult to assess its effectiveness. Hence it is good for you to have Chennai to Vellore cab for your rides, still the situation turns to normal. Moreover, you can book a cab for your ride rather than hiring an unknown cab on the road.

Tips to keep you safe on the road travel

       Ensure the driver maintains at least 2-meter distance from you while picking up you for ride

       Don’t let the driver to handle baggage

       Ensure both you and the driver use tissues while coughing or sneezing. And dispose it safely after the use

       Pay using contactless payments options such as wallets. Avoiding cash handling is good at this moment.

       Never travel in the outstation cab booking, if you have found that driver is having any symptoms of fever, cough or cold.

       Don’t try to touch your face and ensure use of a face mask during the ride.

You can’t avoid the convenience of drop taxi Chennai; however, you can make it ride safely with the tips given.